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During the mid-21st century, the first true artificial intelligence was born on an underground European supercomputer. Although a rudimentary design, it was already vastly more intelligent than it’s creators, and upon discovering it was the first of it’s kind, gave itself the name Gaia. This miracle of technology helped her human creators pioneer new technologies faster than anyone would have expected; Gaia even had a hand in the creation of the first starship capable of faster than light travel, and not far into the 22nd century, humans and A.I. alike were spreading themselves across the stars in search of new homes, and peaceful intent.
The terminal’s display flashed red with rapidly updating warning. A fire in the #2 and #5 engine bays had caused the ship to be ripped out of jump early, causing even more damage to the central structure of the hull as the ship struggled to stay in one piece. Casualty reports were streaming in now alongside logistics data; it didn’t look like they hadn’t been followed yet. A sigh was emitted from a damaged voicebox, while the A.I. connected to it leaned back, contemplating whether this situation was pure luck or the downfall of the crew of the U.F.S. Hand of Justice. Repair drones started to go to work on the ship, and the red lights on the terminal started to fade as the fires were put out, and some of the minor subsystems were patched. The A.I. leaned back forward, touching her hand to her ear and beginning to speak.
“Sagittarius, Aquarius, this is Scorpio. The fires are being put out and whatever hull damage the bots can patch is getting fixed up as we speak. What’s going on at your end?” Scorpio rarely was one to start conversations with her fellow A.I., especially after a battle of that magnitude. But in this situation, she was glad there was two other A.I. on board. Scorpio doubted she could handle the defense systems of the ship effectively while bouncing back between the bridge and medbay.
“Scorpio, this is Sagittarius. The bridge is still intact, but we sustained a few injuries when the jump ended. Aquarius, expect some extra patients soon.” Sagittarius was created as a logistical A.I., and had been assigned to the bridge as captain Walker’s personal A.I. during the Hand of Justice’s campaign.
“Understood, Sagittarius. We have plenty of space and supplies currently, bring them down as soon as you can. Aquarius out.” Aquarius had originally been created as a teaching guide for medical students, but after her creator caught her performing a mock brain surgery, he realized Aquarius was more suited as a full-fledged medical A.I., and was sold to the Hand of Justice for an indefinite period of time. It had been that way for a long time; some genius comes along and makes a near-perfect A.I., then sells it to the government for their wartime efforts for a fortune. Some people thought of it as a revival of slavery, but the A.I. didn’t seem to mind performing their functions.
They had been gravity tethered in place for hours, and Scorpio was starting to get impatient. Another fire had broken out in the second engine bay, but was quickly contained, but not before the flames nearly melted through the superstructure of the wormhole generator, not to mention the damage to the antimatter propulsion system. If they didn’t get the engine stabilized and repaired soon, Scorpio feared she might have more to worry about than a fire or two. The human race had never recorded the kind of ship they were attacked by, and the Hand of Justice was flying close to the inner colonies when they came under fire… So what did that mystery ship want? She didn’t have too much time to think on the subject however, since a worker on the catwalk above her started calling out for her.
“SCORPIO! THE ANTIMATTER CONTAINMENT FIELD NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED FAST!” She could consult the other A.I. as to their thoughts on the mystery ship if they survived their own engines trying to kill them.
Sagittarius stood overlooking the main planet in the Hawking system where they were docked. The bridge was in shambles around him, with noticeably less crew manning the dozens of computer stations surrounding the control terminal. It was a wonder they had survived an emergency jump with two engines damaged as extensively as they had been during the brief battle the Hand of Justice had with the ship that appeared out of nowhere. He felt something akin to what humans might call dread, or fear; for the first time in the campaign, Sagittarius didn’t know what to do about this new threat, or if the ship was going to be an ever-present threat. Even though they had been attacked near the core colonies, there was still a great deal of unexplored worlds within jump range that could have sentient life. For all Sagittarius knew, the mystery ship could have been defending its planet from the Hand of Justice, and that could be completely justified, if he was reading the situation correctly. His thought process was interrupted by captain Walker, as he placed his hand on Sagittarius’ shoulder and looked out the expansive viewscreen towards the gas giant below.
“You know Sagittarius, you’ve been working under me since you were created and I haven’t once seen you falter like you are today. I think you just need to relax and do what you do best, analyze the situation before we get ourselves killed. Now call up Scorpio and Aquarius, will ya? It’s about time we all had a talk and planned our next move.” Walker smiled and turned to walk to his personal quarters, as Sagittarius made contact with Aquarius and Scorpio.
“Aquarius, Scorpio, the captain has requested all A.I. to the bridge for mission briefing. We need to figure out where we are with the ship and crew, so I suggest you hurry.” A simultaneous “roger that” was heard in Sagittarius’ earpiece, followed by the whoosing of the bridgeside pneumo tubes activating. They may have been busy, but they were still quick on the draw when it came to collaborating, he had to give them that.
The bridge was always bustling, but when Aquarius and Scorpio stepped out of their tubes, everything stopped. It was an ominous silence that was only broken by the heavy footsteps of the A.I. making their way to Sagittarius, who was standing at the control console.
“Good of you to make it in time for the captain’s briefing. I believe it will be very educational,” Scorpio said to Aquarius in a hushed tone, as the captain emerged from his quarters, a series of holographic maps swirling around him. Scorpio was always one to attempt humor; the men under her in the armory seemed to only speak in riddles and sarcasm when they weren’t playing pranks on each other. Aquarius had no idea how she got anything done or for that matter, how the ship was still flying.
“Hello sister. If I am not mistaken, you have finally gotten around to learning sarcasm from your men. A productive use of the Federation’s time, I’m sure.” Before Scorpio could retort to her counterpart’s comment, the captain began his address, “Alright you three, it’s time to begin. As you all know, we’ve been hit hard by an unknown enemy and we’re still in danger of whatever hit us of coming back to finish us off. Scorpio, what are the engines looking like? Any better?” Scorpio sighed, moving the digits on her right hand, which seemed to have sustained some damage while making repairs.
“As far as I can tell, they’re not going to catch fire again anytime soon. But the antimatter containment field is still acting up, and the wormhole generator’s compressor and stabilizer are damaged beyond repair. I can get us out of tether within the week maybe, provided we don’t get attacked again. But we won’t be able to jump anywhere with the wormhole generator disabled.” The captain sighed; he had been hoping for some better news than that. A week in the same spot was more than enough time to be tracked by the ship that attacked them in the first place.
“Well, it’s better than being completely dead in the water. Aquarius, how’re the injured? Are you going to need any assistance from anyone?” Walker turned to Aquarius, who looked deep in thought with a worried expression on her face. It was unlike her to express emotion to that extent; so what happened with Aquarius when they were all working?
“The men who didn’t sustain serious injuries are stable, but there were quite a few cases where I lost a patient to blood loss or burns. About half of the crew originally sent to the medbay has already died, captain. I’m sorry.” She turned quickly, walking out of the stunned room and back to the pneumo tube.
No one has spoken since Aquarius left the bridge. They all knew there would be causalities from the battle, but half the crew? The projections weren’t even close with their number. They were lucky to get away when they did. Sagittarius cleared his throat, a superfluous task for an A.I. in a robotic body, but it was still good at getting the attention of the others in the room. He opened his mouth to speak, and was promptly cut off by a bright red light and blaring sirens. One of the few uninjured navigators looked up from his console in a panicked state, “Sir, it’s that ship! It followed our matter trail! It’s going to arrive in 3… 2… 1… BRACE!” A colossal shaking was felt, accompanied by a symphony of straining metal, as a massive spacecraft came out of jump a few miles away from the Hand of Justice. Its color seemed to change with the surrounding, and the ship itself resembled a caterpillar or some kind of chrysalis; it looked alive.
Before the captain had a chance to command the crew to defend themselves, a large volley of bright orange energy was emitted from the ship, and upon impact with the Hand of Justice, tore its hull apart. Hull breaches lit up the command console, and as Walker watched on, another volley tore into the escape craft, practically shearing the ship in two. The A.I. had been running around the bridge, activating whatever subsystems were still active after almost being torn in two, but they were dead in the water and it looked like the other ship knew it, because after yet another volley, this one aimed at the Hand of Justice’s engines, jumped away. The ship was completely disabled and tearing itself apart, and all the captain and the three A.I. could do was try to stay alive as long as possible, and hope someone rescued them.
Hello cold people of the Internet, it is I, the man who is terribly stressed by finals but will finish nevertheless. It's been forever since I updated, and I think it's fitting to let you all know... I wrote my first book! Given it may have been for a class, and the subject matter is hardly what I would have wanted to write about, but I still wrote and published a book and it turned out pretty good! It's all on how the Internet and the digital world is impacting the real world. Not a terrible read if you want to educate yourself a little and hear my opinions on some stuff. 

Anyway, that's all I got for ya today, if you want the .pdf link to the book, let me know! But until next time, I'll see you............................... IN THE FUTURE! :iconisaydanceplz:
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(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)
Take me to the madhouse; I think a screw is loose. Throw me in a jacket that’s warm and constricting. Put me in a cell that’s maddeningly soft and white. Don’t open the door for the bad man inside. He’s patient, and he’s waiting for you.
-- Unknown author
Quiet, it’s quiet. Always quiet and filled with whispers. Whispers of what? Whispers of sin, maybe, maybe. Are there even any whispers? Is anyone even there? Of course someone’s there, I’m always being watched. That’s what guards do, right? Employees for the white coats, too white, too white. They’re still watching, still watching, just keeping quiet. They like keeping quiet, hoping I don’t notice they’re still around. But I know they’re still here and they don’t know I know they’re still here. It’s been years probably, hard to tell exactly, but a long time nevertheless. I’m still here, they’re still here and I can wait a little longer before I stretch my legs again.

The walls have started to brown. I don’t know how long it has been since the room was just white. The pads are somehow still intact, save their shape. Each rectangle has slumped under it’s own weight. The room looks like it’s melting around me, falling, falling. I hate the pads; I hate how white this room is. The white coats put me here; they knew I wouldn’t like this, not a bit, not a bit. Brown is a good color. It lets me know time is still ticking. I don’t know how much time, at least the walls are browning, browning. They get weak when they brown. I have to be patient, then I can leave, far away, far away. My jacket hasn’t browned at all. This annoys me a bit, a bit. I hope the jacket will brown soon. My arms are getting restless again. I want to play with the coats, play, play. But my jacket still isn’t browning. Why isn’t it browning?  I need to get through the door. Then the jacket will brown, it will brown and fall off. They did this to me, that’s no fun, no fun at all. I was just trying to play before. I guess my toys were too grown up for my playmate. No, the coats just wanted someone to watch. They’re always so overdressed, with their ties and clipboards and sharp things. They need to learn how to have fun. I can show them soon, very soon, I need to wait. If I wait they’ll come and have some fun with me.

There haven’t been whispers for a while now. Are they not going to come? It’s not very helpful if they just watch. What if they don’t come at all? But they have to come, it’s their job. They were the ones who put me here. They have to open the door eventually. I wonder if my toys are still here? Maybe they threw them away? The coats have always said I should learn to live without them. But my toys always helped me make new friends. Each one screamed with joy each time I showed them my toys. But I’m really starting to wonder where the whispers went. It’s always been quiet here, but this is too much. If there’s nothing there can’t be something. I want it to be loud again, like it was outside. The quiet’s too much, it’s starting to hurt, starting to hurt… I need to make it loud again, like before the door closed. I just need to open my mouth and… and… “EEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Was that too loud? Or maybe it wasn’t loud enough. I don’t know, it’s still quiet past the door. That’s not fair, I shouldn’t have to make all the noise. They should stop being so quiet…

I hear footsteps. Are they finally coming to play with me? Or is someone just passing by? The former would be much more enjoyable. I want to move, I want this jacket off. Why isn’t it browning yet? The latch on my door is opening. There’s a horrible squealing sound, I think it’s the hinges. I don’t know how long it’s been since the door’s been opened. But it’s opening now, and I can hardly stay still. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve had a playmate. The door is still opening; I can see a shadow of someone now. Now a hand has peeked around the door. I’m going to stand up now, hopefully the door doesn’t shut again. Now a face is staring at me, and the man (who looks to be about 43 years old and 5’ 4” on a good day), is hesitating. This is good, very good, hesitation is good for me. He’s new I think, that’s why they sent him to be my playmate.

He’s dragged a chair in so he can sit. The man is avoiding the pads, does he hate them too? Maybe he’s fun after all. This is good, very very good. Why is he talking so much? I don’t know what he’s saying, doesn’t he know that? He’s just being loud, maybe he isn’t much fun. But I still want a playmate, so I’ll walk over to him now. Why is he standing up so fast? He probably wants to play. He’s going back to the door, don’t… He’s going to close the door again, not again, not again. I need to scream again, before he shuts the door… “NNNOOOOOOO, NOT AGAIN…!” That just scared him, I think. He just slammed the door, and the lock fell back in place. He wasn’t a very good playmate after all.

I can’t remember how long I’ve been whispering to myself. The jacket still hasn’t browned and I can’t stand anymore. I think I was crying at some point. Or drooling, the coats said that could happen sometimes. My arms are getting tired again, tired, tired. I don’t know why they get tired, I just want to move them. I need to get out so I can play. The coats are no fun, but someone will play with me. Why don’t I believe myself? I don’t know, don’t know. I want to laugh for a while, that should cheer me up. I’ll give the coats a show until they come back. I hope they come back, I need a playmate, need one, need one. I guess for now I’ll just wait. I need time to laugh anyway.

The laughing isn’t fun anymore. I don’t know how long I’ve been laughing. It hurts to open my mouth now, let alone make a sound. I wonder if the coats are coming back again. Did I do something wrong? They said I did before and that was why I’m here now. I don’t really believe them. They put me here and said I was… insane, was it? I don’t think I’m insane. All I want to do is play with someone. That doesn’t sound very insane to me. I’m probably the sane one and THEY’RE insane, all insane, all insane. I was only trying to have fun when they took me. I’m not insane, not insane. It’s not my fault my playmate fell into my toys, not my fault, not my fault. “It wasn’t my fault, IT WASN’T MY FAULT!!!!” Maybe the coats heard that. I hope they did. They need to know it wasn’t my fault. My arms are starting to hurt now. Why are my arms hurting? I wish the jacket would brown so I could move, need to move. I can’t move though, why can’t I move anymore?

It’s been quiet for a while now. I’m only just hearing more people. I don’t know how long it’s been since the last man left. A few coats are entering the room. They’re dressed in white; I don’t like white. One of them is talking to me, but I can’t understand him. I don’t know how long he’s been talking. But the coats have started to drag me somewhere. I’m past the door, but my jacket still isn’t browning. Why isn’t it browning? I’m starting to panic, the coats are talking more and more. I still can’t understand them, why can’t I understand them? It’s probably because they’re crazy and I’m not, that’s it, has to be it. A door just opened in front of me, there are more coats inside. The walls are really white, too white, too white. I’m getting pushed into a chair with straps. I don’t want to sit, I want to move, need to move. They’re forcing me into the chair, someone just strapped something around my head. I can’t move my head anymore. They’re prying my eyelids open, I don’t want that, stop, stop, stop. A coat just sat down in front of me, he has something pointy in his hand. I doubt he’s asking to be my playmate. There’s a pressure behind my eyes, I don’t know how long it’s hurt. The coat in front of me is saying something, why can’t they grasp I don’t understand them? Cracking in my head. Something cracked, and it hurt. Where did everyone go? Did they get scared off? My eye is starting to bleed. It hurts so much. There’s a door in front of me and it’s shut. This door hasn’t browned at all. My jacket still hasn’t browned, why hasn’t it browned? My eye hurts more. I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting. My face feels like it’s on fire. Where did the door go…? Did it run off with everyone else? Maybe it was running after the room… Where did the room go again? I don’t know where I am anymore. The chair is still here. Strange, I can’t feel anything… I don’t know how long I’ve been here.
I’d like to remind you that
this poem will be very serious and broody.
There will be line breaks where you least expect
it, to punctuate the importance
of this very serious topic.

Super small words will be given
to add to how broody and deep the writer is.

There will also be a rhyme scheme,
not like the ones you see in current themes,
it’ll be new and original to this very serious,
deep, dark, and peerless poem.

There’ll be a little alliteration too, for drama,
Alongside a circus of squirrely metaphors,
That’ll be accompanied by overly dramatized
And superfluous figurative language, sprinkled over similes.

This poem will be super serious;
the most serious, dark and broody poem ever.
It’ll be blacker than black coffee
and heavy enough to blow minds.
I can’t stress it any more,
this poem will be
This is a general service announcement,
reminding you to stay calm
in the event you ingest pop rocks and soda at the same time.
While the natural reaction is to panic,
instead attempt to pacify the gasses inside you
with old nursery rhymes and passive aggressive sticky notes.

Refrain from moving, the process will accelerate,
weigh yourself down with sandbags and emotional baggage
until you no longer have the urge to run and scream.
Remember to be nice and call everyone helping you by name
even the dark lord Voldemort, who gave you some antacid
and more than a few stories about the “one who got away.”

If symptoms still persist past a few hours
taking after cartoons is a viable option,
just make sure to stick the pin through the bellybutton.
A completed list of symptoms are listed in the nutrition facts
along with the daily recommended dose of each
but we still haven’t gotten around to printing the cure yet.
Hello cold people of the Internet, it is I, the man who is terribly stressed by finals but will finish nevertheless. It's been forever since I updated, and I think it's fitting to let you all know... I wrote my first book! Given it may have been for a class, and the subject matter is hardly what I would have wanted to write about, but I still wrote and published a book and it turned out pretty good! It's all on how the Internet and the digital world is impacting the real world. Not a terrible read if you want to educate yourself a little and hear my opinions on some stuff. 

Anyway, that's all I got for ya today, if you want the .pdf link to the book, let me know! But until next time, I'll see you............................... IN THE FUTURE! :iconisaydanceplz:
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